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I am writing on freebies from the last couple of years and found there are tons of items which we can find completely free over the internet. And freebies includes almost everything including health, beauty, software, vector images, electronics, food, snacks, entertainment, and much other stuff that we can hardly believe. If you are a freebie hunter that you must be aware that we can reduce our monthly expenses by doing follow up on these freebies.

When you are going to depend on freebies you need to ensure that you will find the substitute of your products, not the exact product and service which you can get with paid deals. let take an example that you love eating Kellogs serial but due to some reason you are not finding deals of Kellogs whereas other companies are also providing breakfast serial which you can easily opt. So here you need to content yourself with the available item instead of wishing when Kellogs will open their store for free products. And if you think you can't adust with the substitute then freebies might not be helpful for you.

Here we are trying to compile the list of common freebies which could be a good substitute for those products on which we spend a substantial amount of our monthly salary.

Following are the freebies that you can easily find over the internet.

Free Antivirus

We all use mobiles, laptops, and desktops and in order to save them from the virus, we need antivirus. But antivirus is quite expensive depending upon the kind of security level that you need for your device. As per the experts, a basic level of security can be protected through free antivirus. Until or unless you don't need any high level of security you can use free antivirus and protect your system.

Free word processors

Not only antivirus but there is some basic software which you need in your system like a word which is widely used for document purpose. And We know that Microsoft Office is a paid software and price depends on the version that you are going to buy. But there are lots of new companies came in which are trying to compete with M.S and offering free software to the users. Such as Apache open office writer, Kingsoft writer, focus writer, neo office, and jarte are some of the best.

Free Kindle Books

If you love reading books then there is good news because now you don't' have to pay any more for Kindle books. there are lots of websites who offer free kindle books for their readers. this is because most of the websites do promotion for the authors and for that they offer free kindle books to gain the popularity. Websites like Amazon, hundred zeroes, freebookshub, open library, and overdrive are some of the popular websites that offer tons of free kindle books. 

Free Ringtones

If you are still paying for ringtones then you need to explore more on the internet. Nowadays you can download hundreds of free ringtone, in fact, you can also customize your ringtone as per your need. Check out the websites such as free ringtones, zedge, tones7, notification sounds, tonetweet, mobilesringtones, and madringtones are some of the great websites who can deliver you the latest and personalize ringtones. 

Free Magazine Subscription

There are more than 30 magazines subscription which you can join and can get free magazines. And these are available in multiple categories which means you can subscribe more than one type of magazine and can save a significant amount from your monthly expenses. And this includes health, scuba diving, marlin, orphan, cosmopolitan, homes & gardens, bridal, fishing and much more. 

I have subscribed more than 5 magazines and did not spend a single penny from the last couple of years. You can also search your desired magazine and can save money. 

Free wallpapers

There are many websites over the internet which can provide you free wallpapers. But the only handful of them is actually delivering the quality content. So for our audience, we have prepared the list of best websites which can deliver high-quality content with unique designs. Websites like devian art, vladstudio, wallpapersnow, desktop nexus, ewallpapers, and simple desktops are some of the great websites to download free wallpapers. 

Free cloud storage

The significance of cloud storage is not hidden from anyone. We all are aware that cloud storage provides facility to access the data from anywhere with any device. And that is the reason it gaining more popularity day by day.

Many companies are charging an enormous fee for storage but there are some companies who are offering free cloud storage for a limited access. Google drive, hubic, mega, microsoftonedrive, yandex, and pcloud are some of the great websites who are offering some free cloud storage to their users.

Free Audio Books

There is a huge shift of readers from paper books to ebooks and then to audio. So if you one of those who only likes audiobook then you are also in our freebie list. The website like scribl, manybooks, audiobooks sync, internet archive and librivox are some of the good sources of free audiobooks. You can also subscribe their RSS feed and can directly access the content. 

Free printable coloring pages

Printable coloring pages are great way to time pass and at the same time it also helps us to come out from stress. If you have a hectic life and has work which gives lots of stress during the day. Then printable coloring pages would is best relieve your stress. Check out our huge collection of free printable coloring pages



Only freebies hunter knows how we can find good products at free of cost. And how important is that when you have a limited budget for your expenses. Just imagine if 70% of your needs can be fulfilled by freebies stuff. And some of the experienced explorers are able to do that. So check out our entire list and get whatever you can get free.